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responsive question


  • ilsenorlopez started the conversation

    hi, in the team section, 

    with different kind of information about teachers, i want fixed the size of table and layout.

    Desktop version are "ok", but in mobile responsive version the team teacher section are fixed with 25%

    in custom css i edited

    .col-md-3 {
        width: 25%;
        height: 400px;

    Which is the correct class in the css  for the mobile version   @media version max-wih:480px?


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    NexThemes replied


    1) Remove the custom css you added, don't write this for columns because it affects all the site with 3-col size.

    2) Add in custom css: .nex-v1-team .nex-team-container { min-height: 185px; }

    Have a nice day,
    NexThemes Team.